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May M. Primdal

Hello I’m May Primdal recently I started and work with quillings paper and DIY craft.

How to Make Modern Wine Cork Tray

These color is symbolized of autumn nice and colorful isn’t? this is the season my camera’s been waiting for (sorry but not the cold weather). Autumn is officially here it’s also means that we need to wear more clothes plus warm boots or shoes and of course warm food and drinks. Did i said drinks? hmmm.. the only think comes in my mind is wine either white or red it doesn’t matter as long it will give you a nice and warm feeling while sitting on living room watching your favorite TV show.

Together with chips on the other side and relax while indulging your favorite wine sounds good right?. Isn’t also nice to see how many wine have you been drinking and opened while keeping the cork?. Sounds interesting right? I’m not too much wine drinker but for those who loves wine you would definitely love this DIY i had made and i will bet you will never throw any piece of your used wine cork. Okey i will skip the other thing let’s go straight to tutorial.

Materials :


Step 1: Align all the wine corks inside the tray this is good way to estimate how many corks will fit and to fill up the whole tray.

Step no.1

Step 2: After estimating remove all the cork again inside the tray it’s time for cutting. I used only half of the whole cork because i think it’s too thick inside the tray. Since wine cork are not in the same heights and width you can adjust it by cutting the bottom part and side. I made some easy tutorial for you on how to cut wine cork in safe and easy way.

Step 3: Start with upper part of the tray and apply more glue on every pieces. Use wine cork with the same height or else cut them to make it the same height.

Step 4: Start on second row with your first cork. Next on the third row with your first wine cork. Do it the on the rest of the wine cork until you fill up all the tray. For the remaining small parts on both sides use your cutter to make small sizes of wine cork.

And you’re done and let it dry!