Hi I am May Primdal recently started to making some craft using paper and other materials.

I am Engineering in proffesion I spend my life working in Technical support and other IT related work before. Recently we moved to Denmark and helping a bit on my in-laws business which is makes me inspired doing paper quilling and other craft.

How I started?

Before our wedding day in Denmark I got some inspiration in pinterest.com to create a letters using paper card board and fill it out with quilling papers. My first creation is not good enough so I tried it over and over again until it makes me doing more.

Learning process

Some people are born with talent creating their own master piece just using their imagination. Honestly I am not the same as them but I am unique on my own way, reading and watching is my best way to learn something then that’s make me creative.I admired people who are not give up in their dreams instead they keep on doing it to make it better.

Give me chance to teach you on how I learned it and don’t hesitate to comment (even worst word) because in that way I will learn too. No harm in saying some words but keep it in nice way everyone makes mistake all I need is support and help from you. Cheers crafty people and let’s do it!

Know more about me?

visit my travel homepage www.byahena.com