How to install custom ROM in Mi mobile?

If you have a Mi device and are bored with the stock Miui ROM then trying out custom ROMs can be a refreshing experience for you. Custom ROMs are a custoMized version of the android operating system that has been modified to have more custoMizations and features. In this article, we will see how you can install a custom ROM on your Mi mobile.

What are custom ROMs?

If you are new to the android world or haven’t dived into the custom firmware world of android yet then you might not know what exactly custom ROMs are. Custom ROMs are just a highly modified version of the Android operating system.There are tons of custom ROMs available in the market as of now. Custom ROMs tend to provide features and custoMizations that default android os or operating systems such as Miui don’t provide. Custom ROMs provide features such as theMing, status bar custoMizations, custom fonts, root access, performance modifications, etc. If you haven’t tried custom ROM so far and want to try one then this article is for you. Some of the most popular custom ROM available for android devices are

  • Arrow os
  • Superior os
  • AICP
  • Syberia os
  • Havoc os
  • Revenge os
  • Resurrection reMix os
  • Crdroid os
  • Viper os
  • Bootleggers os
  • Candy ROM
  • POSP os
  • Bliss ROM
  • Lineage os

Each custom ROM comes with some different modification options and custoMizations. You can choose among any of the available custom ROMs for your device and install it for your personal use.

Procedure to install custom ROMs

If you are new to custom ROMs then this Might seem very intimidating to you at first, but as you try it on your own a couple of times you will get acquainted with it. Before installing a custom ROM there are certain pre-request sites that are needed which are listed below


  • You need to have an unlocked bootloader. It is one of the most important requirements without which we can’t proceed further. If you are unable to unlock your bootloader or are stuck at then download Mi account unlock tool Mi account verification you can use mi account unlock tool online
  • You will also need a custom recovery for your device as it will be used to install the custom ROM.
  • Google apps for gapps for short are also required to get the features provided by google search as google play store Gapps is a package of Google apps that are specifically made to be installed while flashing custom ROMs. You can download a suitable gapps for your operating system fROM here. Just select the appropriate android version and select the platform as arm64.
  • You will also need magisk if you want to root your custom ROM. You can download the latest version of magisk fROM here.
  • Last but not least, you will also need the zip file of your custom ROM. You can find custom ROMs for your device on XDA forums. Just do a search for your device’s subforum on XDA and you will get related results if it exists.

You can download a suitable ROM of your choice fROM there


To install a custom ROM in your Mi mobile just follow the steps given below

  • Once you have downloaded a suitable custom ROM for your phone copy it to your internal storage along with gapps and magisk.
  • Now, shut down your device by holding down the power button for some time. Now we need to put into custom recovery we can do this by pressing the volume down + power button together.
  • Once you are put into custom recovery you need to make a backup of your current ROM so that you can revert to it if anything goes wrong during the flashing procedure.
  • Select the backup option and checkmark all the fields available and select the location for your backup. Make sure you have enough free storage on whichever location you choose
  • Once the backup is completed navigate to the main screen of the custom recovery and select the wipe option. Now click on the advanced wipe button.
  • Select all the options that are present there excluding internal storage, external storage, USB OTG. Make sure that you don’t select the three in any case otherwise your storage will be wiped out and you will not be able to install the custom ROM.
  • Now swipe the slider at the bottom of the screen to start the wiping process.
  • Once the wife is complete navigate to the main screen of the custom recovery and select the install option.
  • Now select downloaded custom ROM file and click ok. If you can’t find the zip file of your custom ROM then make sure that proper storage is selected by clicking on the select storage button.
  • Now swipe the slider at the bottom of the screen to start the flashing process.
  • Once the flash and process are complete you can flash apps and magisk too. You can also flash the files altogether by just adding them one by one using the add zip button.
  • When everything is installed successfully click on the reboot system button.
  • The first boot usually takes more time around 5 to 10 minutes so don’t worry if your device is stuck at the food screen for that much period of time.
  • Device to remove successfully check if you have a new app named as magisk manager in your app drawer or not. If you don’t find the magisk manager app you can download it fROM here and install it on your own.
  • Now you can log in google play services and restore the backups you had made previously.
  • Now you successfully have installed custom ROM on your device.


Some custom ROMs have Gapps inbuilt into them. So for them, you don’t need to flash Gapps separately. Check for inbuilt Gapps before downloading the ROM to save time and data.


Custom ROMS are pretty common nowadays and most of them are better than the stock ROM provided by different OEMs as they provide more control and features to the user than most stock ROMs. In the end, the choice is completely yours, if you want to get better performance, features, and battery life then custom ROMs are a must-try.

Best Prepaid Cell Phones in 2019

After Phone Invention, We’re in phase where prepaid phones have become a trend these days but the idea behind them as unclear these days. Almost all phones can be bought as prepaid phones. We know that most of you people are looking for a good deal. That is the reason we have created this article in order to compile all the phones under 15000 inr which are worth the price.

Moto G7 power

It’s equipped with 5000mAh battery which is one of the longest lasting batteries available on any phone. the display is a 6.2 inches display and that is easy to use and one hand. It is easy because of the aspect ratio b 19.5:9 and you will also be able to get Android Pie with a Snapdragon premium processor which has a model number of 632. The expandable storage is up to 32GB.

You will get a resolution of 720 p and it means that does not look as sharp as 1080 which is on other phones but the battery life of the phone becomes outstanding because of the low power consumption because of the display. You will be able to last as long as three days on a single charge but it also largely depends on your usage. If you are a Traveller and go on long trips then this is the phone for you. You will also be able to charge a different phone using the USB C cable.

LG stylo 4 +

This phone is made with the metal frame and the glass back which is rounded and this is extremely well put together which also helps you with a good amount of comfort. This phone consists of modern equipment like rear mounted fingerprint sensor and USB C port for charging and this also includes a stylus which you can use for sketching as well as note taking and navigating.

You will get a 32 GB expandable storage, Snapdragon 450 and an average camera with 13 megapixels. You will be able to last one day on this phone with the 3300mAh battery.

LG Q7 Plus

The looks and feel of this phone are premium and this phone feels way more expensive than it actually is. The screen is a 2.5 D curved glass, with water resistance as well as dust resistance which you will get on flagship Phones. The display size as 5.5 inches and the aspect ratio is 18:9 with slim bezels. The fingerprint is mounted on the back and it makes the phone easy to unlock.

The battery is 2890mAh which is not as powerful as other phones and the Android version is 8.1 Oreo but the storage basis 64GB and the primary camera is 16 megapixels which also consists of artificial intelligence.

Conclusion: These are the best phones available if you want to go for a Prepaid phone. Make sure to browse the internet in order to find more detailed specifications on the official website or Amazon. We hope that this article helped you find the perfect match for you. Have a great day.

Softbank’s Deal on OYO & Flipkart in India Grew Profitable


Softbank, one of the most powerful industrial revolutions, works basically as the distributor of computer software since the year of 1981 as the name itself implies a bank of software. Founded by Masayoshi Son, Softbank Group Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate that is also a leading brand over the global market.

This Japanese corporation holds their operations in multiple businesses including e-commerce, internet, technology and transportation services, automobile science, media and marketing, finance, telecommunications and so on. Besides it tied various partnerships in Japanese subsidiaries of many foreign companies.

In India too, Softbank undertook several fields of marketing business. Though in recent past, Softbank witnessed some major loss on two of its Indian start-ups, Ola and Snapdeal. In spite of the failure the company invested nearly $10 Bn in the country of India. And one of the big tech bets of Softbank with higher profitable result paid off with Uber technologies. In India, the investments behind Uber transportation received a contented gain and led the industry to grow further.

According to the reports, the vision fund’s worth in Uber grew $3.8 billion in value. Not only the transportation start-up but OYO, the Indian hospitality services company also served to set a new dimension for the rising profit of the Japanese conglomerate. The year-on-year growth of income nearly increased 80% for FY 2019 with the combined gain of these Indian start-ups.

OYO and its gains from Indian market: –

OYO, the recent launch of Indian tech brand, came to provide a newer and easier way to book the perfect accommodation in hotels, guest houses, resorts with quality services and good living spaces to serve the guests a wonderful experience while attending holidays in some unknown regions.

With the love of inhibition free travellers, OYO is reaching towards one of the highest ranked travel guide e-brands with its substantiated reputation of becoming South Asia’s largest, China’s second largest and the world’ sixth largest and fastest growing chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and resorts. From popular, conventional crowd filled places to offbeat non-commercial destinations, OYO has a vast range of list for accommodation to offer to the customers.

And best of all, while travelling indulges the uncertainty of the overall budget, OYO offers a discount coupon called OYO referral code to provide accommodations across the country in a cheaper discounted price that worth and value your pocket. For this hassle free experience and affordable price range, OYO, partnered with Japanese Softbank Corp expanded its business in the rapid manner and hence paid off an exciting deal to the Softbank Corp in Fy 2019.

The Softbank investment firm has been a constant investors of OYO’s since the year of 2015. Softbank’s distribution led OYO into the Indian unicorn club and profit a huge valuation over $900 million in recent years. The industrial growth of OYO expanded in the vast market of China also which is the largest global market and this led OYO’s aim of becoming world’s biggest hotel chain to come closer.

The big gains of Flipkart Softbank deal: –

Another hugely grown e-commerce company in Indian market is Flipkart that is basically an online shopping portal founded back in 2007. is the most leading online website to shop with 30 million products of multiple categories from electronics to instruments, home appliances, and apparel outfit and so on across the India. The assured products with quality mark, the Big Billion Sale on Flipkart with its abundant ranges of each categories served towards its marketing strategy which is considered as the key feature of this fastest growing online network.

The only billion dollar company that rules over the Indian market, Flipkart is also tied with a business bond with Softbank investment firm which witnessed their all exciting profit rise of almost 49% boosted by the gains from Flipkart this year. The Vision Fund, the world’s largest pool of private capital scored its maximum gain due to picking up a 77% stake through the sale, which Walmart acquired Flipkart for $16 billion, was the largest e-commerce transaction globally.

Softbank Vision Fund reported to profit a gain of nearly 146.7 billion yen on the sale of Flipkart shares from India. Which is indeed a massive pay off by the Indian start up Flipkart to the investors of the Japanese conglomeration.

In the latest year while OYO’s valuation increased to $1.4Bn and Uber’s valuation grew to $3.8Bn, the company’s expectations are flourishing towards investing more in Indian market. Overall Softbank’s investment in the giant e-commerce brand Flipkart and the hospitality company OYO met with the combined gain around $2.7 Bn from both the leading companies. As the Japanese investments has been doubling down in Indian market, the buzz is that, with these above beneficial deal in India, Softbank CEO rightly believe to exceed the result of gaining amount in the further years in such a level that was never experienced before.

How to replace American Fridge Freezer Thermostat

American Fridge Freezers help us keep the food and other stuff cold in order for it to not rot throughout the day. However, if they fail in the one thing they are supposed to do. It might be because of some technical fault in it. If you’ve already cleaned and vacuumed the coils behind and below the refrigerator and somehow it still does not come to the temperature it is supposed to. There might be a fault in the thermostat. Replacing a thermostat is actually quite easy, if you don’t know where to start, we’ll guide you throughout the process so you can store meat in your fridge freezer again without any issues.
repairing american fridger

Safety Measures To Be Taken :

If you are performing this repair, make sure you are accompanied by another adult. Make sure to switch off your appliance at the mains before you start your repair. This is something you should be careful about before performing any repairs on any type of appliance. Switching off the mains is recommended for your personal safety.

Locate the Thermostat:

The next part of the procedure is to locate the thermostat which is mostly positioned inside the refrigerator. For most of the fridge freezers, the top level contains the freezer, and the bottom part contains the drawers and stuff. Most likely you’ll be finding the thermostat hidden behind the fridge or on the roof. If your fridge freezer is next to the main freezer compartment, you’ll most probably find the thermostat at the back of the freezer.

Remove Shelves and Drawers :

Before starting with the process, make sure to remove everything inside the fridge freezer including the shelving and other drawers. This will help you to work in a flexible manner. Keep the screws attaching the shelves and drawers at a different place so they don’t get misplaced. These are some tiny measures which you can keep in order to work in a disciplinary way.

Remove the Wires Carefully :

Now that you’ve switched off the current supply from the mains, you don’t have to worry about much. The thermostat will be attached by some wires which need some pressure to be pulled out. Gently remove them using pliers, keep in mind not to apply too much pressure as these wires are gentle and might break off under pressure.

Take Out the Thermostat :

After you’ve followed the above-mentioned tasks, you can now go ahead and remove the faulty device. Go ahead and remove the screws and clips holding the thermostat in place. Now, you can remove the old thermostat out of the refrigerator in order to replace it. One thing to keep in mind. If your thermostat is around an evaporator tube, you have to be very careful when removing the thermostat because if you are not, this may break the tube and will cost you even more.

Installing the New Thermostat

This has to be the easiest step of them all. After you’ve removed the old thermostat, make sure to clean around a little bit to remove the dust and etc. Now, place the thermostat in the same place you removed the old one. Ensure that you screw it into position and reconnect all wires correctly. Apply the evaporator tube above it and put the panel back over the thermostat safely. Put back every shelving you removed before and tighten them with a screwdriver.

Test the Fridge Freezer

After you are done with everything, switch on your mains and turn on your American fridge freezer. Wait for 15-20 mins in order to let the fridge freezer cool up. If the issue was your old thermostat, your fridge freezer will be cold in a few mins and will maintain a steady temperature.

Introducing the only WATERLESS air cooler available in the world

Air Cooler Diagram
Finally, you no longer have to settle for all the hassles of a water-based evaporative air cooler — the swamp smell, the raised humidity, the constant dripping, filling and mess! The Air Cooler PLUS is designed with a waterless patent-pending Cooling Chamber that uses two large gel ice packs. Advanced HD-Ice™ gel packs use a high-density gel. Each gel pack offers more cooling capacity than conventional ice packs.

With a powerful oscillating fan that pulls the air through the frozen gel ice packs, the Air Cooler PLUS acts as a tremendous supplement to your central air or window air conditioner. And because it only uses 62 watts, you can run the Air Cooler PLUS for as little as using a 60-watt light bulb.

Compare that to the 4500 watts it takes to run your central air! Since the Air Cooler PLUS is waterless, it adds absolutely NO humidity to your air like other evaporative water-based air coolers. Why use a water-based air cooler that adds humidity to the air that your central air just has to remove to cool your house? With the Air Cooler PLUS gel-based waterless air cooling design, your air conditioner now has a true cooling companion.

Consider the benefits of using the waterless Air Cooler PLUS with your central air conditioner:

  • Adds NO humidity so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work even harder
  • Can be used in more humid climates
  • Supplements cooling so you can reduce the use of your whole-house air conditioner
  • Focuses your cooling on where you are
  • And don’t forget, it works great as a supplement to window air conditioners too!

Compare it to standard water-based air coolers:

  • No swamp cooler smell
  • No messy refilling
  • No chance for leaks, dripping, and other potential problems normally associated with water-based products
  • The patent-pending HD-Ice Cooling Chamber does not increase the humidity in the room
  • Waterless means no water needed — that saves money and doesn’t waste the environment’s most precious resource
  • Waterless also means NOT heavy-with-water and that makes the Air Cooler PLUS as portable as any air cooler on the market

With the frequent droughts and hot summers experienced throughout the United States the last few summers, water has been at a premium. That forced the development of this amazing waterless air cooler. And the high cost of energy also made it critical to provide a supplemental air cooling system for those states where humidity above 50% is standard. Since the Air Cooler PLUS adds no humidity to the air, this issue has been overcome!

Taking advantage of the new waterless air cooling technology of the Air Cooler PLUS is as easy as placing your order online. Or call 1-800-258-7637 and mention authorization code ECAIR21. Currently, if you order online, you can get the Air Cooler PLUS for only $189 PLUS free shipping PLUS a free second set of the large gel HD-Ice packs. This special is only available through our Air Cooler PLUS online store – accept no imitations… they might just be all WET! And if you order more than one unit, each additional unit is only $169 PLUS free shipping.

DIY Upcycling Tea Storage Box

How’s your day so far ? Isn’t always nice to organize thing specially inside the kitchen and pantry. One of the mess in my storage is the green tea we bought and we don’t have proper storage. I bought plain box from the DIY local store and that could be nice to upcycle into modern tea storage. So let’s jump to DIY tutorial.

DIY modern tea storage




  1. Acrylic paint (white)
  2. Rolling brush for painting
  3. Hobby glue
  4. Permanent Marker
  5. Ruler , scissor, pencil and cutter
  6. Gift wrapper (prefer color)
  7. Plain wooden or paper base box ( available in DIY store or hobby shop)



Disassemble the lock




Start to paint the box from outside using rolling brush in this tutorial i used white acrylic paint . It’s water base ,non toxic and easy to dry. Leave it it for about 20 to 30 mins.





Get the measurement of the box from inside and measure the gift wrapper, make some allowance on both side of the paper.





Apply a glue inside the box using brush i used tacky glue plus water so it’s easy to apply.


Place the sheet of wrapping paper inside the box make sure flat and no bubbles use your finger to flatten the paper. Cut the excess paper on the upper part of the box using sharp cutter.




Use a pencil and letter template and trace the letter to the box.



Finalize the letter with permanent marker and you’re done!

Enjoy your cup of tea


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DIY Copper Tin Can Desk Organizer – Copper Project

Another week came and seems like days are getting  fast now on my due, before i’m giving birth with our twins i promised i will make some post on  my blog every week. Lately my husband and I eating more healthy and i’m using canned beans to out veggies and meat.

Instead of throwing out the tin cans in the garbage  i keep them because somehow i can repurpose. I have my own craft room at home and i need to organize my space this tin can organizer in copper chrome color are perfectly fit for my desk. Check out my last post DIY copper glass  as part of my copper project.

Upcycling tin can organizer




  •  Tin can
  • Copper spray paint
  • Burlap rope or any kind of prefer ribbon


  • White paper , marker or stamps letter

 STEP 1:

Spray the tin can with copper chrome or prefer color paint. Make a first coating leave it for about 5- 10 minutes for a great result.  After 5- 10 minutes you are ready for 2nd coating and leave it for half a day or 24 hours to make sure it all dry from top to bottom.

Precaution on spray paint: Don’t do it inside the house if don’t have proper ventilation and use mask while painting. Better to do it outside your house.



Prepare your paper, burlap rope and letter stamps. In this tutorial I used my eBosser to cut the edges of paper if you don’t have any machine you can use a scissor and do it manually. I used a letter stamps as labeler but you can also print your prefer label.


Make a 2 holes on both side of the paper and attach the burlap rope. Make some temporary knot at the back of tin can, it’s the best way everytime you want to change the label.

And you’re done good to use it!


Finally done with desk organizing at my craft room



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DIY Copper Glass Jar Upcycling : Copper Project

Lately i’m staying at home and expecting baby boy twins on November  and i have a lot of time to make some designing and upcycling for home. Today’s inspiration is copper project, i bought some cheap glass jar from tiger local store here in Denmark. I love to have some small plants at our home and that’s make me inspired to make some modern vase but inexpensive way.

Materials :

Glass jar



Masking white tape

Copper spray paint

Additional material: Mask


Step 1:

Cover the upper part of the jar using newspaper and  sealed it with using masking tape. Put the masking tape on the prefer design you want in this tutorial i made some small paint on upper part and more on lower part.


Step 2:

Spray the glass jar with copper paint and let it dry at least half day or 24 hrs for better result.

IMG_1762  Step 3:

Slowly removed the masking tape and your done!

Tips: Place a small plant inside the jar or you can use it as ballpen storage or make up brush.

Now you have cheap glass copper vase modern and classy.





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How to Make Modern Wine Cork Tray

These color is symbolized of autumn nice and colorful isn’t? this is the season my camera’s been waiting for (sorry but not the cold weather). Autumn is officially here it’s also means that we need to wear more clothes plus warm boots or shoes and of course warm food and drinks. Did i said drinks? hmmm.. the only think comes in my mind is wine either white or red it doesn’t matter as long it will give you a nice and warm feeling while sitting on living room watching your favorite TV show.

Together with chips on the other side and relax while indulging your favorite wine sounds good right?. Isn’t also nice to see how many wine have you been drinking and opened while keeping the cork?. Sounds interesting right? I’m not too much wine drinker but for those who loves wine you would definitely love this DIY i had made and i will bet you will never throw any piece of your used wine cork. Okey i will skip the other thing let’s go straight to tutorial.

Materials :


Step 1: Align all the wine corks inside the tray this is good way to estimate how many corks will fit and to fill up the whole tray.

Step no.1

Step 2: After estimating remove all the cork again inside the tray it’s time for cutting. I used only half of the whole cork because i think it’s too thick inside the tray. Since wine cork are not in the same heights and width you can adjust it by cutting the bottom part and side. I made some easy tutorial for you on how to cut wine cork in safe and easy way.

Step 3: Start with upper part of the tray and apply more glue on every pieces. Use wine cork with the same height or else cut them to make it the same height.

Step 4: Start on second row with your first cork. Next on the third row with your first wine cork. Do it the on the rest of the wine cork until you fill up all the tray. For the remaining small parts on both sides use your cutter to make small sizes of wine cork.

And you’re done and let it dry!